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About Stephen Ford

I deliver for them. I’ll deliver for you.

Every day, I walked down West Exec Avenue —
the road to the West Wing of the White House.

As Vice President Mike Pence’s Director of Speechwriting, I made that journey to write the words that would inspire the nation and calm the globe—a service I repeated as Ambassador 
Nikki Haley’s chief speechwriter on her presidential campaign

That’s the story of my career and the purpose of West Exec Writing, which I founded in 2019: Writing at the highest levels of politics, business, philanthropy, faith, and thought leadership.

Good writing starts with good listening. I’ve listened to more than 300 leaders from all walks of life, then given them the words to shape the world.

My work has been heard at the United Nations, the Parliament of Israel, and on every television screen in America. I’ve published clients in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and hundreds of media outlets—from global to local. My writing can be found from family bookshelves to the history books. And I can write a better joke than an AI chatbot.

I deliver speed, versatility, good humor, and discretion. I keep the focus where it belongs: On you and your story.



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In the press

Republican ‘Populists’ for Corporate Welfare
Forget handouts. The GOP should embrace the most populist philosophy ever devised: Economic freedom.

Stephen Ford,
Wall Street Journal
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Ukraine Will Never Surrender
What I saw when I lived in Ukraine after the Orange Revolution

Stephen Ford,
Wall Street Journal
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When NIMBY Came To My Neighborhood
Why don’t people with “all are welcome” signs want new homes?

Stephen Ford,
Wall Street Journal
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Why My Church Grew During the Pandemic
We refused to give in to fear and lockdowns.

Stephen Ford,
Wall Street Journal
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Fighting Congress For A Capital Education
These students will suffer if this school-choice program disappears

Stephen Ford,
Wall Street Journal
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